Local Donations

As God blesses us, we want to be always giving out what He provides. Many Hands Market wants to serve community organizations by donating money back to them. Each month, $500 - 1,000 is donated to a local organization in or around Spencer. Since 2016, we have been able to give $54,000 to local organizations!


We want to help enable you to impact your community when donating household items to Many Hands Market! Our belief is that by providing this support to local organizations, to help them reach out to the community and make an impact .

Donation Recipients 


Clay County Awareness Council

Birthright of Spencer

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Special Youth Challenge Ministries - www.syciowa.org

The Grand Avenue Community Kitchen - https://www.facebook.com/GACoutreach/

Life Changes Sober House - https://www.facebook.com/LifeChagesSoberHouse/

Grand Avenue Community Outreach - https://gacoutreach.com/

Ruthven Food Pantry 

Spencer Special Olympics

Upper DesMoines Opportunity - Clay County http://www.udmo.com/Clay.htm

Recipients of Past Donations

ATLAS - www.atlasofspencer.com

CASA & ICFCRB - www.caasaonline.org

Cherish Center - www.cherishcenter.org

Feed Our Children - www.facebook.com/FeedOurChildrenSpencer

Little Mavs Child Care - www.facebook.com/littlemavschildcarecenter

Love Spencer - www.facebook.com/lovespenceriowa

Mid American Equine Breeders Assoc.

Timber Bay Ministries 

Volunteer Appreciation

Iowa Lakes Community College - foreign exchange students vouchers for winter clothing.

Private donation

We gave a total of $3,025.50 in vouchers to help local families in need during 2016.

Mid American Equine Breeders Assoc.

Gift Certificates to local families in need

How it works

Individuals or families donate gently used items to Many Hands Market. 

Each month, Many Hands Market will donate to a charitable organization in the community.

The money will further the ministry of the organization and help to continue the impact they are having on the community.

What impact does this have?


Many Hands Market provides a practical way to meet the Biblical mandate of caring for the hurting and homeless.


Many Hands Market puts resources in the hands of different charitable organizations. We recognize that you know the needs of your community better than we do and want to equip you to make a difference.